Thursday, October 11, 2012

Compass CSS3

Compass CSS3

The CSS3 module provides cross-browser mixins for CSS properties introduced in CSS3, for example border-radius and text-shadow.

What rendering engines you support for the experimental css properties is governed by the configurable variables defined in the browser support module.

This file can be imported using: @import "compass/css3".


  1. Appearance – Specify the CSS3 appearance property.
  2. Background Clip – Specify the background clip for all browsers.
  3. Background Origin – Specify the background origin for all browsers.
  4. Background Size – Specify the background size for all browsers.
  5. Border Radius – Specify the border radius for all browsers.
  6. Box – This module provides mixins that pertain to the CSS3 Flexible Box.
  7. Box Shadow – Specify the box shadow for all browsers.
  8. Box Sizing – Specify the box sizing for all browsers.
  9. Columns – Specify a columnar layout for all browsers.
  10. Filter – Specify the (image) filter for all browsers.
  11. Font Face – Specify a downloadable font face for all browsers.
  12. Hyphenation – Mixin for breaking space and injecting hypens into overflowing text
  13. Images – Specify linear gradients and radial gradients for many browsers.
  14. Inline Block – Declare an element inline block for all browsers.
  15. Opacity – Specify the opacity for all browsers.
  16. CSS Regions – Specify CSS Regions for supported browsers.
  17. Text Shadow – Specify the text shadow for all browsers.
  18. Transform – Specify transformations for many browsers.
  19. Transition – Specify a style transition for all browsers.